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8 Tips to Improve the Marketing Power of Your Business Card

8 Tips to Improve the Marketing Power of Your Business Card

At some point, all designers have to work with a client who’s more frustrating than fun. You know—the kind who calls at unholy hours and tries to coax you into doing extra work for free. But if bad clients are flocking to you like moths to a porch light, it’s time to stop blaming them.

The real culprits are the tools you’re using to attract clients—starting with your business card. Clients believe your marketing materials reflect your work. And great clients won’t work with you if your business card doesn’t convey your ingenious design skills.

That’s why you need to learn how to attract high caliber clients with your business card. Whether you create custom illustrations or try a wacky die-cut shape, your new card has to make potential clients say, “Wow!

As a designer, you’ve got the creativity for this project. But you’re going to need a professional printer to take your new card into production. The experienced business card specialists at Company Folders, a design and printing firm, will work with you to convert your imaginative design into an amazing marketing tool.


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