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7 Guidelines Every Logo Needs to Follow

7 Guidelines Every Logo Needs to Follow

When it comes to logo design, there are certain rules you need to follow if you want to avoid a branding disaster. Here’s how that looks from a client perspective.

Suppose you hire a contractor to build your house, but he tells you he won’t be looking at any of your blueprints or taking any measurements. You’d be upset, right? You want him to do the job right, but he’s just making things up as he goes.

That’s exactly how your clients feel when they hire you to design a logo, only for you to abandon good design principles or ignore their brand’s needs. To make sure you don’t make those mistakes and lose a client’s trust, it’s important to learn the rules of designing a good logo.

That’s where this great guide comes in. It showcases the 7 most important tips and tricks for creating a logo that truly meets your client’s needs, and it includes examples of powerful logo designs. This resource is brought to you by logo design services.

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