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1000+ free icon sets

Excellent iconsFree icon sets for different projects in Windows, Macintosh and Linux you will find in this list as well as references to further free icon libraries. More than 1000 free icon sets of high quality for Web Designers, Developers and Bloggers. Icons can be used in almost every project you are working on. Every icon set is free and easy for download. Nice icon sets are always pleasure to look at and useful to have at hand. Some of the sets can be used for free only for private projects, however most of them can also be used in commercial projects. In any case don’t forget to read the license detail before using any icon set below.

Olympic Sports Icons
Ugly Birds Icons for Twitter
The Martian toolbar icons
Badge icons
Recycle Bin Box
August Iconset
Web 2 icons
Wren icons
Antares icon pack
IVista pngs
Ipoding icons
Le Esta Icon Set
Meizulized icons
Gauge icon set
Nimbus media icons
Aero 2 Icon Set
VannillA Cream Icon Set
Dock Icon Set
The Amazing Twitter Birds
Icontexto webdev icons
Creature Cutes Icons
Studiomx Icons
Fruity Apples icons
Thunderbird icon pack
Free icons for all
Dryicons free icons icons
Easy Uploads icons
Icon Lab icons
Turbomilk icon sets
Orbz icon set
Troyboydesign fun icons
Circular icons
Choose your sport icon set
Home cineSketchy paper iconsma icons
Mobile Device Icons
AeroVista icons
Stylized Icons set
Milky icon sets
Mini Pixel Icons
Bullet Madness List
Silk Icons
Mini Icons
Free Credit Cards Logo and Images
Credit Card Icons
Credit Card Images
Credit Card Web Icons
Feedicons 2
Circle Feed Icons
RSS Feed Icons
RSS Buttons
Fresh, Free and Gorgeous RSS/Feed Icons
Original Feed Icons
RSS News Icons
Glass Style RSS Feed Icons
RSS Orbs V2
Feed icons for blogging guitarists
Vector RSS Icons
The Real Christmas RSS Icons
IcoJoy RSS Icons
Web 2 – Social Bookmark Icons
Christmas Social Bookmark Icons
Social Bookmarking Iconset
Sweetie – Web Communication v.1
Sweetie – Base Pack v.3
Random Jabber – Sizcons
twothirty – twotiny
ExplodingBoy – Pixel Icons
Sryo – Minimal Icons
Markup – Free Icons (9 free sets)
Fast Icon – Smashing Feed Icons
graphicPUSH – Icon Pack
Feed Icons – Home of the Standard Web Feed Icon
AlturaBit – 24 Free Icon Packs
Free Icon Web – 11 Free Icon Sets
DryIcons – Stickers Icon Set
Matt Ball – Developer Icons
Monofactor – Free Vector Icon Set 1
Ten by Twenty – Vaga
sone-pl – Light Icons
lopagof – Facebook UI Icons
taytel – ORB Icons
Blog Perfume – Free Glossy Blogging Icon Set
Design Freak – RSS Icon Campaign – 10 Amazing RSS Icon Sets
chris.ivarson – Free Icons (7 Free Sets)
Mayosoft – Email Me
Zeusbox Studio – Feed Icons
Vikiworks Studio – Social Bookmark Iconset
liquidicity – 77 Vector Buttons hot off the press
kurumizawa – Free web development icons
xlphs – WIP: Web Iconset
Icojoy – BacktoPixel
Icojoy – Free web development icons
Icojoy – Free web 2.0 RSS icons
Circle Social Bookmark Icons.
ROUNDer Icons
Crystal Clear
Diagram and Chart Icons
UMI Icons
Adobe Pack
Light Blog icons
mAqua ChronoSync
Fresh Icons
iCandy Junior
Jonas Rack Design
YellowIcon Crystal
XP iCandy
iPhone Icons
Aqua Gloss Icons PSD
Feed Icon Collection
IconPlant Set
Social Bookmark
nuoveXT 2
Vista Icons
Free, Open Source icon set
Circle Feed Icons
NeonX Icons
Dropline Etiquette
twotone icons
Toolbar Icons
Sweetie BasePack
Web Control Icons
Happy Valentines Day
32pix Icons
Vista Style Emoticons
FAM FAM FAM Silk Icons
Web Development Icons
Orbicon Drives
Servers Icons
Mini Pixel Icons
Device Icons
EMail Me Icons
Proxal Icon Set
Iconbest Icons
pinvoke — Icons and pixel fonts
HoHoHo! icons
35 (Really) Incredible Free Icon Sets
Cute and clear icons
Iconbulk — Free Icons
High Quality Free Icon Sets
40 Professional Icon Sets For Free Download
Developer Icon Sets
55 Free High Quality Icon Sets
Free Vista Style Icons
20+ Free And Fresh Icon Sets
Afterglow icons
everyday icons Playground
Pixelgirl Free Icons
InterfaceLIFT: Windows Icons
InterfaceLIFT: Mac OS X icons
free icons for everyone!
Deziner Folio icons
Yellow Icon: Free icons
80 FREE collections of yummy icons to suit any taste
Bullet Madness icons
Top 25 Free Icon Resources for Web Designers
Function Icon Set, 128 Completely Free Icons
Royalty-free stock icons for the web
20 + Free Sets of Royalty Free Icons
Iconize Textlinks with CSS
Over thousand mini pixel icons!
Louie Mantia — Icons
graphicPUSH icons
Fast Icon — Free stock icons.
Crystal Clear — Wikimedia Commons

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